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Tutu App Pokemon Go Here

tutu app pokemon goYou must be familiar with a popular game recently called Pokemon Go, right? Well, you should know about the Tutu App Pokemon Go here. Even though it is not really popular than the time before, you can still play it alone in your house without moving your body. How is it possible? Ok, if you want to know more information about it; you can continue to read this article now. Let us find out more about this fun game below.

Find the Tutu App Pokemon Go Version Here

So, are do you miss the moment when you are playing the Pokemon Go before and want to play it once more without being noticed? Ok, you have to download the modded version of Pokemon Go right now. Where to download the game? You should know about the Tutu App Pokemon Go here to get the game. Yeah, you will need to download the Tutu App store first before you download the Pokemon Go modded version. You will get the app of Tutu in Tutu app site. Over there, you should download the latest version of Tutu App Store. Then, you can follow the next instruction to get the Pokemon Go from Tutu App.

Ok, now you only need to get further information about this Tutu App Store and how to download the Pokemon Go modded version from it. It is not really hard to do as long as you follow the instructions well. I will give you the link to lead you to another website page you will need. Ok, do not need to wait so long; you can just click Tutu App Pokemon Go now. So, that is it. You can see further instructions and also information about the game and app over there. I wish this information is useful and you will have fun.

Let’s Shorten URLs and Earn Money!

Shorten URLs and Earn MoneyWhat do you think about earning money in an easy and simple way? Actually, this matter is not something new anymore nowadays. It means that you can still get money without doing such a hard effort. Shorten URLs and Earn Money is something interesting in this recent day. What you need to do here is shorten your links after that the website will pay you. Another good thing that many people can get is they are able to do it wherever they want to. At home, at the park and much more they can do it as long as they can open the website.

Let’s Go! Shorten URLs and Earn Money

If you are still confused about Shorten URLs and Earn Money issue, it is better for you to read a further information about it here. In this case, the important thing which should be done is deciding the website where you will shorten the URL. Actually there some of the website offering this tool but you need to make sure if your choice is the best one. Usually, in a trusted website you will find much easiness. For instance is the supported team that will be ready to help everything you need. Besides the use of API is important to so your activity in shorten the links can be quick and easy.

About another thing in the trusted website for shorten URL is the highest rates of the clicks and low minimum payout. For the minimum payout, it means that you can just need to earn $10 first and then you can be paid via PayPal. Its detailed stats and also featured administration panel actually allow the users to know the audience and control the features by clicking a button. Don’t forget there is also bonus referral which is very interesting here. Therefore Shorten URLs and Earn Money is something interesting to be tried, isn’t it?

Antimalware Service Executable; All about It

Antimalware Service ExecutableHave you ever heard about Antimalware Service Executable? If you never heard any information about it before, you will understand about it by reading this article. Actually, this is antivirus you that will get from your Windows. Yes, without need to install the program, you will get antimalware in your system. It works only for those who use Windows 10. For the users of the other Windows system, you do not need to worry, because you still have different antimalware system on your PC. Then, do you want to know more about it? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs.

Antimalware Service Executable for Windows

Antimalware Service Executable becomes the background service from Windows Defender to protect your computer. As it is working for PC protection, it works as the way it is. When you install specific antivirus program, you can see that the antivirus is scanning your system, files, programs, and many things. It also happens with the service of Windows Defender. It works to scan the files when you open it or copy it from the other devices. It also scans the program when you install it. So, Windows Defender works as the way how the other antivirus programs work on your computer.

So, this is something essential in your system. When you want more protection, you still can install the other protection system to your computer without needing to disable the main and basic antimalware system of your computer. It would be better for you to let the antimalware from Windows Defender to work on your computer along with the new antivirus that you install to your computer since you will need the protection from the antivirus for your computer. That is all the information about Antimalware Service Executable. Hope you like it.


DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAINThe Internet has been one of the most important parts of modern people’s life. There are so many things you have to consider in order to find the best thing for the best browsing experience. But, sometimes, problems like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN may happen when you browse the internet. Actually, this is not the only problem that can happen when you are browsing the internet. There are so many people who are questioning whether it is caused by the browser or not. Indeed, nowadays the people usually use Google Chrome for browsing on the internet. But, the fact is this problem can happen in all browsers, which means you will also get the problem if you use IE or Opera.

Understanding the Problem of DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

The DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN problem is actually not caused by the browser you use. But, you will get the problem if you don’t have the stable internet connection. Which means, this problem is related to your internet connection, nothing is related to the browser. Thus, the solution is to fix the connection you have. There are some methods you can do so that your problem will be solved. The first method is by changing the DNS Setting Protocol. The first thing you have to do is by finding ncpa.cpl in Windows. Then, you have to locate an Internet Protocol or IP version 4 option. Click the properties button and set the DNS server as and manually. Start your browser you and you will see it work properly again.

There is also a different method for fixing the problem, which is done by doing TCP reset IP. In this method, you have to enter the command in the input prompt. The command is;

ipconfig or release

ipconfig or all

ipconfig or flushdns

ipconfig or renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh Winsock

See, the method for fixing the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is really easy.

Download Videos from YouTube with Various Sizes

download videosThere is nothing better than YouTube when it comes to finding quick videos about anything that you can think of. There are so many contents in YouTube that you can watch, and people really spend their time on YouTube because of seemingly unlimited videos that they can watch. However, it is worth noting that watching videos on YouTube is not something cheap. The reason is that it costs a great amount of data transfer. If you are restricted by data usage, it is necessary to download videos instead of watching them online. The reason is that you can re-watch the videos without downloading the video over and over again.

Downloading Videos from YouTube with Different Sizes

It is worth noting that YouTube videos come in different sizes that you can choose. Depending on the amount of data usage limit that you have, you may need to consider downloading the smaller size for saving your money. The most common YouTube sizes available to watch are 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 2080p (4K). If you are constrained with data usage, you should consider the smaller size to download videos. However, it is recommended to choose the 360p as the minimum size for your video. The reason is that the video is still watchable regardless of pixilation that happens.

Another good size to watch on YouTube is 720. It is actually the ideal minimum size for getting a convenient view. Moreover, knowing the fact that many good cameras are still producing such size, instead of the higher resolution one, you definitely can get a remarkable view of this size. However, you should realize that it is not suitable for those who have limited data package. After you decide which size for your YouTube video to download, you can head on a website that is similar to for downloading any video that you want.

Printer Driver Download for PC

arenadrivers.comNot all people need a printer for their office work. However, when you do, you may be accompanied with windows personal computer. Windows PCs is really great because they are customizable. However, it is worth noting that the PC requires additional software for making the connected hardware work. That is to say, if you want to add the printer to your connected device, you should install the printer driver at first. There are some sources to download printer driver. However, it is important to know the best place for printer driver download. That way, you will get a high-quality driver that will just work for your computer.

Printer Driver Download For Various PC

It is important to know that driver is not made equally. There are some versions of the same-printer driver. Therefore, you need to know which version that is best for your computer. Unfortunately, it is not easy to recognize that especially considering the fact that there are so many variations when it comes to PC build. Printer driver download for specific PC can be done by identifying your PC manufacturer, especially for its windows version. Once you recognize the windows version, you can start downloading proper driver for your PC.

If you want to download the driver for your PC, it is recommended to download it from a reliable source. One of the most reliable ones is definitely the official website. However, it is worth noting that the printer driver from the official website may not work with your PC setup. In this case, you should consider downloading it from another website such as You should not have to worry about the quality of the driver since it is typically the same. However, they will work well in your setup. This works because there are some changes made to accommodate older or custom PC.

PHP Tutorial On Video

seegatesite.comThe PHP Tutorial very needed when you need some information about the step that you should pass when you want to build your own PHP without any help from other people. There is some kind of tutorial about the PHP on the internet, the easy kind of the tutorial that all people often access is the video that uploaded on the video platform or on the website that very easy on the internet. So, What should you do to find the video that tells you about the PHP? Let’s check this page more to know more about the Video that will tell you about the step about the PHP.

Find The PHP Tutorial Video

There are many portals or platforms that become the place that all people can visit when they need the video. The famous one is Youtube that collects more than a million videos with a different kind of genre and comes from many countries. As one kind of videos that famous is the video about the tutorial of the thing that will useful for you who want to learn the new thing in their life. For example, the PHP Tutorial video. This kind of video may not open from many people in the whole of the world, but this tutorial video may become very important to other people. Some people will very easy to learn when they see the visual and listen to the audio, or you can call it as the Audiovisual intelligent.

With the video, you find to learn about the step for creating or changing the PHP more real than seeing the picture only. But, when you learn from the tutorial videos, you can start with watching the video at all after that you just practice it. Or you can play the video with pause this often because some videos may show you the faster way to keep the time. Thank you for reading this article about the PHP Tutorial Video.

Nokia 8 Android Phone Review

nokia 8 android phoneAre you looking for a Nokia phone with the Android operating system? It seems impossible few years ago, but a few days ago it becomes a possible thing to find. Nokia 8 Android phone comes to the market as a long-awaited product from Nokia after being taken over by HMD. When it is quite difficult to survive in the today’s market because of so many rivals out there, it seems like Nokia has known what to do and pour it down on the Nokia 8. If you are curious about this phone, you can learn further about it below.

Latest Nokia 8 Android Phone Review and News

With 600-series aluminum and splash resistance body, the Nokia 8 seems to be a good choice for your next smartphone. It also comes with high resolution for a 5.3” LCD display. It must be good that the phone is also completed by Gorilla Glass 5 which is going to make it more protective. Nokia 8 Android phone also comes with a very good processor. In this case, buyers can expect for Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor for their new phone. More interestingly, you can get a wide capacity 4GB RAM and spacious internal storage 64GB.

Furthermore, you must feel happy that the Nokia 8 also gives you such high specification for the camera as well. Both of the main and secondary cameras come with the high megapixel feature, so you will not get any bad picture from your phone. Then, it is also possible for the phone to capture 4K video which makes this device into such premium one. However, it seems to be unfortunate that the battery which is only 3,090mAh is quite low for such a phone with great performance. But, overall it is one of the most anticipated Android smartphones this year. That’s all some reviews and latest news about Nokia 8 Android phone.

Cool Features in Android Nougat

Android NougatAs we have discussed in other articles, it is worth noting that Android Nougat comes with some great updates in terms of features and benefits. However, we will be looking for some cool features in Nougat. The first feature that you should know is split screen. This method is not new. However, you may not realize that any smartphone running nougat now can have this feature enable at default. In order to do that, you should press and hold recent apps button. After that, you can select two application to be opened together. Entering the split mode is indicated by a change of apps button into hamburger icon. This feature is quite convenient, but it requires a decent memory. Fortunately, most phones have been equipped with proper hardware already.

More Features in Android Nougat

The next feature which is quite nice, but is hidden from common people is a quick switch. Though it is not a sophisticated feature in nature, it is a really helpful feature that exists in Nougat android version. As the name suggests, the quick switch allows you to change application quickly. This is like a swap button in your TV remote since the button switches two apps seamlessly. This is a really great feature in android nougat because you can switch your favorite apps without pushing too much button. You just need to double tap the recent app button, and magic happens.

The next hidden feature is called UI tuner. You should press and hold the cogwheel menu from the notification bar to open the new option. After that, you will see a new menu under system section. You will be warned when using the feature, but you will get access to some special options. This feature in Android nougat is really fun. However, some phones cannot show the future. Therefore, you should not be surprised if this trick does not work.

The Collections Download Game PSP PPSSPP

Download Game PSP PPSSPPHow many kinds of game that you can Download Game PSP PPSSPP on your smartphone? For some people who love to play the game in their free time, get the important information that you should know to play the game that you may only find on the PSP and play this game on your smartphone? What kind of game that you can play the PSP game on your smartphone? If you curious about that topic, you can continue staying on this page. Let’s read this article out!

The Download Game PSP PPSSPP Collection

If you ask about how many games that usually installs on the PSP and installs this on your smartphone, there are many kinds and types of the game that you can play on your smartphone and make it feel like the PSP. There is some website which tells you about the update and provides the link to Download Game PSP PPSSPP on your smartphone. There are many kinds of games that you can play, start from the game that will make you enjoy the relaxing game like the Harvest Moon until other game that will increase your adrenalin like the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and other games. You also can play the game that will increase your strategy like the Kuroko No Basuke: Kiseke No Game, Monster Hunter, and other games.

After that, you also can find other games that will give you many experiments because there are many genres that you like the action, sport, strategy, and other genres that will make you enjoy the game. Besides that, you also need to choose the game that suitable for your interest or the game that will help you to communicate with other people who play the same game. So, are you doubt to Download Game PSP PPSSPP and install in on your smartphone although this game has many collections that you can choose? Absolutely no, right?

Fixer Tips While Your Device Suddenly Restart

Fixer TipsIn this time almost all of your work will depend on technology. You know that the existence of technology is very important and helpful at the same time. For the example are computer and laptop. Many people use those devices every day to help them deal with the business. The thing you need to know before you use that is you need to install an operating system called windows. However, sometimes you will find an error while installing that but here are the fixer tips you can find it here because in the next explanation you will be given some advice on how to fix that error.

Fixer Tips for Error Installation

Well installing or even making some updates for your operating system sometimes cannot be done well. There will be some errors that will make you hard to finish that installation. One case that usually happens will be the installation of an update after the sudden restart. You will find an error like this 0x80200056. That code of error can be solved with the fixer tips. For your information, that kind of error will be found when you upgrade your personal computer or laptop, and then the upgrading will be disturbed because your PC suddenly does the reset and sing out at once.

The solution for this kind of problem will not be that hard. It is not a big deal you can solve this by re install the update again. In this case, you need to make sure that you will keep your device on and will not re start again or sign out suddenly. Well, this is the tips that you can get, if you find another error during windows 10-anniversary installation then you can go to this link fixer tips. There you will find complete help for your error code in windows operating system.