Choosing High Quality Of Shrimp

There are so many types of shrimps which are sold in the market. Nowadays, you can also easily find that there are many kinds of shrimps that can be found in conventional market or supermarket. Fresh shrimp and frozen shrimp are two types of shrimp product that can be found. Both of them are not too different. Frozen or fresh shrimps still have same nutrients as long as both of them are of good quality. Besides choosing right vannamei shrimp price, you have also considered other things. What are they?

Tips To Choose Best Quality Of Shrimp

There are some considerations that can be taken while buying shrimp. Besides choosing the best-vannamei shrimp price, here are some consideration to choose the best shrimp in the market:

  • Don’t Buy the Deveined and Peeled Shrimp

Some of you might confuse which is better, peeled or unpeeled shrimp? In a simple way, you may think peeled shrimp is the best choice since it will not take much time to cook it. Meanwhile, you need much time to peel off the shells if you buy the unpeeled one. In fact, it is better to buy the unpeeled shrimp. Why? Because the frozen peeled and deveined shrimp will lose its nutrients since it has been cleaned before storing in the freeze. So, it is better to choose the fresh or frozen shrimp which has not been deveined and peeled.


  • Check on Shrimp Condition

When buying shrimp, you have also check on its appearance. There will be no black spot on shrimps’ body if they are healthy. Moreover, you cannot also choose a shrimp that has yellowish shells since it contains sodium bisulfite.


  • Get the Shrimp with Right Smell

Beside vannamei shrimp price, you have also chosen the shrimp which has a saltwater smell. Don’t take the shrimp with an unpleasant smell.