Facts About AB Positive Blood Group

We all already know that groupe sanguin AB type is one of four types of blood. Most of you might also know that blood type can also have different characters and different facts. It does work with people with AB type. People with AB type usually have different characters when it is being compared to the other blood type. Before you know deeper about it, you have to know that AB type itself is divided into two types, which are AB Positive and AB Negative. In this occasion, we would like to give you information about the facts about AB Positive group. Do you want to know about it?

Important Facts About AB Positive

As different blood type sometimes can bring different traitement in medical traitements, AB Positive also has some differences that can make this blood type is different from AB Negative. Here is the list of some facts about AB Positive.

  • AB Positive is Universal Plasma Donor, which means that this type of AB blood can be a donor for all blood types in the term of plasma.
  • AB Positive is Universal Red Cell Receiver. It means that this blood type can receive the red cell even from different blood types.
  • AB Positive only can donor the blood to the same AB+. You have to remember that giving the AB+ to the other groups of blood can be a problem for the immune system.
  • For the plasma, people from groupe sanguin AB also can only receive plasma from the same people with AB.
  • This AB Positive namely as positive because it has Rh+ or has the Rh factor in it.
  • For personality, people with AB type usually are friendly but they also passionate and emotional.

Those facts are the facts from AB Positive. Even though it has some similarities with AB-, in some points, it will be different. If you are curious about more information of AB group type, you can click Groupe Sanguin AB and get more information there.