Get Exciting Experience Of Bali Rafting

Today, the choice for Bali rafting tourist is increasingly popular and much favored by many tourists from local and foreign. Another sensation of this water sport which requires courage is the experience that will be an unforgettable memory for those who have tried it. Especially, this water sports are done in the nature of Bali which is famous for its beauty. If you are a lover of water sports, having a vacation in Bali will be more memorable if your vacation is interspersed with this challenging sports. For those who have an adventurous soul and like a challenge, it is good to try it.

Choosing Trusted Services For Bali Rafting

Besides you want to enjoy rafting tours that trigger your adrenaline, it is a good concern that you also have to notice some things before, such as choosing the service companies for Bali rafting. Because it is also about safety find a trusted company which will serve you well providing professional instructors. Here, we recommend you the 3 best and trusted companies which have 100 % of safety record activity in rafting. The first is Sobek Rafting Ubud, the price offered here is IDR 350.000 per person for age among 7 to 65 years old. The other is Payung Rafting that the price is IDR 350.000 too. The last is Bali Adventure Tours Ubud rafting which the price for an adult is IDR 530.000 and for children (5-12 y.o) is IDR 335.000 per person.

Doing rafting must be accompanied by an instructor because of the risk when we fall down from the boat and hit the rocks of the river. Therefore, an instructor who really experts must accompany and guide us during paddling along rafting. By concerning on which trusted services you choose, it will make you being safe to enjoy it on your vacation in Bali. In order to that matter, you can get more recommendation if you visit