Get Rid Your Acne With These

I will give you three ingredients to mix and create it to be a treatment for your acne and pimples. How to get rid of acne? It is not really hard if you know the ways. There are many ways of getting rid the acne based on your type of skin and the type of acne you have. Well, do not worry about the ways here. You can still try it because all ingredients are natural.

How To Get Rid Your Acne With Three Natural Ingredients

Here I will share one way to get rid your acne with the base ingredient: tea tree oil. Then, you will need to prepare two more natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and tomato. Jojoba oil here is very good to give your antioxidant and tomato will give you the great amount of vitamin A and C. So, here are the steps:

  1. How to get rid of acne is easy. You can prepare the bowl; then, prepare one tablespoon of tomato, few drops of tea tree oil and jojoba oil.
  2. You should mix all the ingredients above well.
  3. Then, you can apply it to your affected area.
  4. Stay and wait for about twenty to thirty minutes.
  5. Afterward, you can wash your face with water.

Well, what do you think? It is very easy and you can try it at home. You could wait to see the result for several days after you try the treatment above. You better know how to cleanse your face well every day. Thus, you will have the treatment will be optimum.

Ok, if you need to know more ingredients to mix with tea tree oil or maybe other ways to get rid your acne; you can click this: how to get rid of acne. So, that is all.