Plants As Home Interior, Why Not?

Do you like collecting various plants? If you have so many plants in your home, so you can make it as the best home interior design. You do not need to replace with other stuff. You just need to place your plants in your house as displays. More plants will be more aesthetic for your home. However, there are also some tips for you to place any plants on the right corner.

A Perfect Guideline For Home Interior With Plants

Plants will help to decorate your home to be brighter and fresh. You can even place it in your home as long as you can place it in clean pots. So, here is the best recommendation to place your various plants as home interior design:

  • Big Plants on Next Couch

Big plants might seem difficult to place in your house. However, you still can place one to two of big plants in your house. Just place it right on the next of your couch. It will seem great when you are sitting over there, so it becomes the great and fresh spot.

  • Various Plants on Bench

If you have more spaces, so you can get a bench or cart for your plants. You can place any kind of plants that you have in different size on the bench. For the best concept, you can use a white table with plants that have white spots.


  • Geometric Plants on Table

For smaller plants, the table is the best place for them. You can place one by one on each table that you have in your house. On the other hand, you can also place the plants geometrically on one table.

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