Prepare Your Printable Applicant For Recruitment Process

Nowadays, recruitment system becomes easier. You as an employer even can spread the information about recruitment fast and easily. In the digital era, you can take online recruitment to get more applicants. You just need to add your company information and details requirements. After that, you also need to prepare some forms like a printable job application. For another option, you can place online form for the applicant. However, if you need to meet with your applicants so you can give them the printable form. So, how to create this kind of form?

A Guideline To Create A Printable Application

Actually, you will need applicant form and data entry form in the recruitment process. If you like to create both of them as a printable document, so you can start to create it with Microsoft Office. Here are the easy steps to create your forms:

  • Applicant Form

For the first form that you need is an application form. It is necessary when you want to know more about the applicants in the interview section. This kind of printable job application is usually needed to record applicants’ information. You can create this form from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. If you prefer Microsoft Word, so you need to activate the Developer Tab. There will be so many options that you need for the application. On the other hand, you can also create the form by using Microsoft Excel. As like as before, you can use some tools to get a form of applicants.


  • Data Entry Form

For the second, you also need data entry form. Different from a printable job application, usually you need it for the record the applicants that have been applied to your company. So, you do not need to give your applicants this form since it is your record. Microsoft Excel is the best tools to create the data entry form.