How To Store Skipjack Tuna Fish?

Storing skipjack tuna fish is quite hard since there are various tuna products such as frozen tuna, fresh, tuna, raw tuna, and canned tuna as well that each of them needs to be stored in a different way. Many people often confuse about how to store them in the best way for each tuna product. If you want to buy fresh and raw tuna right from the supplier or fish market, you need to choose the best and high quality raw and fresh tuna. Some people are evil since they will trick you to make old tuna meats seems like they are fresh tuna with carbon monoxide injection. This is why you need our tips on how to select and storage tuna fish.

How To Select And Store Skipjack Tuna Fish?

The flesh of skipjack tuna fish can be a range in color. It can be from lighter red color to darker red color. There is also some skipjack tuna that have pale colors such as almost white or light pink. A high quality of raw tuna meat looks like a raw beef which is red in color and some may be dark brown in color. Raw tuna also has a strong flavor. Meanwhile, many sellers often sold fresh tuna in skinned condition already. Because it will be hard for you to skin the tune by yourself since it has a tough texture.

If you want to choose high-quality tuna meat, you need to avoid a tuna meat that has dry, brown spots. The tuna fish should have ocean salty smell. If there is rainbow sheen appears on the fish, just leave them. If you want to buy fresh tuna fish, you need to buy it from late spring to early autumn season since those times are the best time to catch skipjack tuna fish. You can check for more tuna products.