Updated Firmware For Sony Camera

sony firmware update

sony firmware update

Sony is one of the leading electronics companies. There are so many types of products released by the company, one of which is the camera. Sony’s camera cannot be underestimated just like that because Sony’s camera release also has outstanding features and not least with other manufacturers who have already issued a camera product. One of the advantages possessed by Sony’s camera is the ease of doing Sony firmware update. This, of course, will greatly facilitate us to improve the performance of photography, especially for those of us who are not too expert in the field of photography.

Easiest Way To Get Sony Firmware Update

In general, the firmware is a term that refers to software routines stored in reading Only Memory. It is very easy to do Sony firmware update. It is simply just because you just need to type it as a keyword in the search engine on the internet, then will appear many firmware options to download. To install and apply it on your camera is also not difficult. The trick is almost the same as installing or updating the firmware on other devices.

For those of you who want to update the firmware on a Sony camera, the first thing you should do is download the firmware that matches your camera model. This needs to be done because each camera model has different firmware versions. Downloading the firmware can be done on the computer. Next, you need to extract the downloaded file and copy it to the camera’s memory card.  After that, you need to reinsert the memory card into the camera and turn on your camera. Then go to the settings menu and pick the firmware option. Then you just need to select the firmware you have downloaded earlier to do a Sony firmware update. The installation process runs automatically, so you just have to wait until the update process is complete.